Mission statement

Allow sporthorses with the help of high quality dietary supplements to reach your goals.
All of our dietary supplement consume by decades of scientific work in the field of nutrition in sport horses. Our dietary supplements must comply with the highest requirements of the diet and of the energy needs of sport horses.

Synovium, the synovium name is the name of the synovial fluid. The inside of a healthy joint stands for cleanliness and purity. We would like to pursue this with synovium. The joints are an important point, to which it turns at horse and athlete. Synovium is this: for the Nutrienten demand such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and horse care. Synovium's success is based on the scientific study of all its products. The development of products on the basis of the basic physiology of the horse, the thinking of the development of the modern sport horse out and what we expect today riding of our horses, ensures that synovium makes its contribution. Stronger: it is indispensable. Synovium can actually help your horse / your horses in the equestrian disciplines.

SYN means "Way", NOVUM means 'new'. SYNOVIUM is a new approach to the optimal services and care for your horse.

The horse as an individual just like you, know that every horse is different synovium. Good food is of great importance, can however never fully meet the needs of the horse or athlete. This is just the supplements of great importance. Synovium examined the horse and looks after his athletic ability. In this way, the best performance is achieved with the right supplements.

Scientific basis of synovium takes no risks. All supplements undergo extensive scientific testing; first in a laboratory and then in the various equestrian disciplines. In racing, are important in the particularly health, fitness, speed and stamina. But also in the jumping, dressage, and Eventingsport, where it relies particularly on the strength and suppleness.

Affordable quality production of synovium is under GMP(+).
This label may be carried only if the production facility is subject to the supervision of the European nobility. This label is monitored every year again. When developing its products, synovium returns to the basics of Physiology. Just by choosing the purest supplements the tackle of the basic problem is possible and costs remain low.


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