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Synovium® Biobute BIOBUTE for supple muscles and joints.. Synovium Product #: SYN331 based on 0 Reviews Regular price: $71.51 $71.51 In Stock

Synovium® Biobute

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BIOBUTE for supple muscles and joints.

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Horse: add 2-3 scoops per day to feed. Pony: add 1-1 ½ scoop per day to feed.

Not suitable for foals.

Some ingredients of this product are listed in the FEI Clean Sport prohibited substance database. This product may test positive. Withdrawal time: 48 hours before competition.

 Feed materials: Harpagophytum (Devil’s claw), Raspberry,  Turmeric,  Willow bark, Carrot, Mint, Fenugreek, Anticaking agent