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Synovium® Lactaplus

LACTAPLUS delays the acidification of the muscles during exercise/sport and ensures a quicker recovery.


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Synovium® MSM Optimal-C

VMSM-OPTIMAL-C supports faster recovery of muscle- and tendon tissue for horses after training


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Synovium® Lactaplus pasta

LACTAPLUS PASTA is suitable for horses undergoing intense physical exertion.


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Synovium® Prefit Dog

SYNOVIUM® PREFIT DOG contains extra vitamins and minerals and is used for deficiency of vitamins in food.


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Synovium® Neutravet

NEUTRAVET helps to neutralize lactic acid in the body after exercise


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Synovium® Pregnancy

PREGNANCY is a natural product that may contribute to a healthy pregnancy of the mare. Supports the recovery of the uterus after foaling.


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