Specifically formulated to regain and support mobility and agility in dogs

After the introduction of Synovium® Agility for horses, the line nutritional supplements is enhanced with Agility for dogs. Another product for the joints of dogs, in an already crowded market? Yes. Because Agility is different than the existing products. Agility contains collagen peptides, specifically formulated for pets. Agility is not just good for joints. It contains specially optimized peptides that have been developed for the regeneration of joint cartilage of animals. The effect of Agility Dog is extensively researched and precisely dosed with the optimal amounts of the right ingredients. 

Synovium® Agility Dog

• Supports the health of cartilage 

• Promotes joint mobility 

• supports the bones, ligaments and tendons 

• For a good bone and cartilage development of the puppy

 Bioactive Collagen Peptides for animals 

The active ingredient in Agility consists of hydrolysed collagen peptides, also called bioactive peptides. These collagens differ in the extent to which they hydrolyzed (cutting into small pieces). The peptide chains that are formed as the result of this process also differ in molecular weight . Nowadays we know that the correct molecular weight is very important for the uptake and effectiveness of the peptides. We also know that certain bioactive collagens are more effective in animals and other in people.

These new insights have led to the development of new types of collagen peptides for pets. The bioactive collagen peptides (BCP) in Agility Dog are focused on the health of the joints of dogs. This collagen is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract. Taken orally, Agility is partially absorbed as intact peptides. 

Cartilage matrix predominantly consists of collagen and proteoglycans which act as a buffer between bones. After intake, the Bioactive Collagen Peptides stimulate the cartilage cells (chondrocytes) to produce new cartilage matrix. 

Clinical studies

Several clinical studies investigated the effects of Agility supplementation. Results from these studies confirmed the positive effects of Agility in counteracting joint discomfort. In 70 % of the dogs, the ability to move (getting up, climbing stairs) significantly improved.  In another study the effect of Agility was significant improvement after 12 weeks of treatment on the measured parameters. Another study with dogs involved, presented clear improvement in measured parameters after a 12 week treatment. The effects were significant at a daily dose of 5 g and even more pronounced with 10 g Agility per day.