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Nutritional supplements for optimal
well-being, health and athletic performance

Nutritional supplements for horses and dogs

Synovium produces scientifically researched high-quality nutritional supplements through the use of pure ingredients. Our products promote optimal well-being, health and athletic performance of your horse. By means of the categories below you can easily find a suitable supplement for your horse and thus provide the desired support.

Why Synovium?

Uitstekende aanvulling op het rantsoen van uw paard voor een gebalanceerd dieet. 
Supplementen die uitvoerig onderzocht en ontwikkeld worden door een dierenarts en nutritionist (MSc Equine Sciences)

Use of pure

Wide range
high quality


Developed based on
of physiology and
the individual horse

Scientifically proven
products and dosages

The Bestseller Supplements

Are you a customer from the UK or Ireland then you can order on the following website:

Equestrian sports require a horse in good health and that is exactly why I use supplements from Synovium. My horse is fitter and has fewer injuries.

Synovium Customer 

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We will be happy to help you formulate an appropriate diet for your horse through tailored advice. Click on the "Help and Advice" button, fill in the form and we will help you as soon as possible.

Or for more information on nutrition, supplements and health, visit our informative blogs.

Waarom verzendkosten? Synovium wil bijdragen aan het groen op aarde. Daarom planten we van de opbrengst bomen.

Why shipping costs? Because Synovium wants to contribute to green on earth. We plant trees from the proceeds of our shipping costs to give something back to nature. #sustainability

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