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Mission Statement

Synovium's mission is to help horses reach the highest achievable results through the support of high-quality nutritional additives. All our products are supported by scientific research on horse nutrition and the positive effects on health, well-being and performance through the use of supplements. Our products are therefore indispensable supplements that meet the high requirements of an appropriate diet and high-quality feed.


The Name 'Synovium'

Synovium® is the name for joint fluid. The joints are critical for equine athletes, making optimal joint health essential. The inside of a healthy joint stands for purity and cleanness. We strive for the same with Synovium®. Synovium® enhances horse health by providing customized nutrition. Synovium® is successful by basing its products on scientific research. Developing products based on basic physiology of the  modern horse combined with what we as riders require of our horses today, makes the Synovium® additives matter. Even more so that they are indispensable. Synovium® provides the necessary support to take your horse(s) further in the equestrian sport.

Syn means 'way', novum means 'new'.

SYNOVIUM® stands for a new approach towards optimal performance and care of your horse.


The Horse as an Individual 

Like you, Synovium® knows that every horse is different. Good feed is very important, but of course, it can never fully meet the individual needs of the horse. This is precisely why specifically formulated feed supplements are of importance. Synovium® evaluates the horse's physical condition and assesses its athletic potential. By supplementing the right additives, the best possible performance is achieved. Due to their scientific basis, the supplements support various bodily processes, promoting equine health and well-being. This makes the supplements extremely suitable for every individual horse in sport but also for the recreational horse that requires necessary support.


Based on Research 

Synovium® does not proceed overnight. All products are extensively scientifically tested; first in the laboratory and then in the various disciplines of equestrian sport. In the racing sport, where health, fitness, speed and stamina are particularly important. But also in show jumping, dressage and eventing, where strength and suppleness are particularly important. In addition, Synovium's feed supplements are very suitable for the recreational horse providing the horse a high-quality balanced diet. The supplements also offer physical support to optimise the well-being and health of the recreational horse.


Affordable Quality

The production of Synovium® takes place under GMP(+). This label may only be used if the production facility is supervised by the European authorities. This label is rechecked annually. When developing its products, Synovium® goes back to the basics of physiology. By choosing precisely the purest additives and trademark items from Alltech, amongst others, it is possible to tackle the basic problem and ultimately save money.

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