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General questions

Why choose a feed supplement from Synovium?
Synovium's products contain only the purest ingredients scientifically proven to have a positive effect on the horse and contribute to its well-being and health. In addition, the supplements have been developed by a veterinarian. Synovium offers a wide range of high-quality supplements suitable for every horse.

Where are Synovium supplements available?
You can order Synovium supplements directly through the website. In addition, you can see at which veterinarians or shops you can get Synovium supplements via "Points of Sale for Consumers" under "About Us" on the website.

Can the supplements be combined with each other?
Synovium's supplements can be combined with each other. However, it is important to check for each individual horse what his or her needs are and what the basic ration offers the horse. With this information, you can select supplements to support your horse from our range. In addition, you can always ask for advice and we will be happy to help you select a supplement for your horse.

Where can I leave a product review?
Product reviews can be posted on the product page under the heading "reviews". Here you can click on a link that allows you to leave a review for a product. 

Where can I enter a discount code?
When you have a product in your cart and are viewing your cart, you can enter the discount code before you checkout. If you click on "Enter promotion code" you can enter the code and apply it to your order.

Can I checkout without creating an account?
You can indeed checkout without creating an account. However, if you create an account, you can easily keep up to date with new products and information regarding our supplements. 

Are the supplements doping-free?
Almost all our products are doping-free. Synovium Biobute is a product that contains Devil's claw. Devil's claw is on the doping list but is safe to feed to horses. It is therefore recommended not to feed competition horses this product. This is also indicated on the product page where you can find more information about the product.

Are the supplements also available in refill packaging?
Synovium Motion JMT, Synovium Gastrosafe, Synovium Sand-Oil 369 and Synovium Mgnium are available in a 4.5 kg refill pack. By using a refill pack, plastic use is reduced. 

How long should you feed a supplement before it has an effect on the horse?
This varies per supplement and per horse. It is recommended to feed supplements for at least 3 weeks to notice a difference. However, one horse may notice a difference faster and another may take longer. 



Synovium® Agility Horse

For which horses is Synovium Agility suitable?
Synovium Agility is suitable for any horse that requires joint support. This includes sport horses that exercise intensively or horses diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the joints. 

Why is the dose of Collagen Peptides in Synovium Agility Horse lower than in other supplements on the market?
The collagen in Synovium Agility Horse was specifically developed to be active in the cartilage of (domestic) animals. It is better absorbed and works more effectively so that a lower dose has more effect. 

Can Synovium Agility Horse be given to pregnant mares?
Yes, it is an excellent supplement during pregnancy and supports optimal development of the locomotor system of the unborn foal. 

What are Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) also called?
Collagen hydrolysate/Gelatinate.



Synovium® Motion JMT Pellet


What is the advantage of a supplement in pellet form?
Synovium Motion JMT is produced in pellet form because it allows the supplement to be easily absorbed by the horse. In addition, the pellet does not need to be fed with a so-called 'carrier' as is the case with powders and can be fed as a separate pellet.

What is a disadvantage of Glucosamine preparations on the current market?
Glucosamine is an expensive raw material. As a result, many supplements for horses do not contain an effective dose of Glucosamine. Research shows that a daily dose of 15 grams, the dosage of Motion JMT, actually has a significant effect on the horse. 

Synovium Biobute

What is Synovium Biobute a suitable supplement for?

Synovium Biobute is to support horses experiencing pain due to, for example, tendon injuries or joint disorders such as osteoarthritis. Thanks to the mix of natural ingredients, the product has an anti-inflammatory effect and thus relieves pain. 


Why does Synovium Biobute sometimes change colour and odour?
Synvoium Biobute contains natural ingredients. Because the ingredients are natural, they can therefore vary in structure from batch to batch, which is why the supplement in two different jars of Synovium Biobute sometimes has a different colour and smell. As long as the smell is not very stale and the product is not expired, the product can be fed. 


Synovium® MSM Optimal-C | Synovium® MSM Pure

For which horses is Synovium MSM Pure and Optimal-C suitable?
Synovium MSM Pure and Optimal-C are suitable for horses requiring tendon support. MSM is also anti-inflammatory and has a positive effect on the horse's mobility.

What is the difference between MSM Pure and MSM Optimal-C?
MSM Optimal-C contains Vitamin C in addition to pure MSM. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in the body, neutralising free radicals that arise in the body and can cause oxidative stress and tissue damage. In addition, research has shown that the supportive function of MSM increases when combined with Vitamin C. The choice between these two products therefore mainly depends on what kind of support you want to offer your horse.

Which mineral is MSM a good source of?
MSM is a good source of sulphur.

What does sulphur do in the body?
Sulphur is part of important amino acids and almost all proteins in the body. It is an important component in the synthesis of collagen and therefore for the structure of connective tissue and cartilage. 

What effect does the addition of Vitamin C to MSM Optimal-C have?
Vitamin C is also important for building collagen structures. This is why MSM and sulphur are often successfully combined. Research shows that this combination helps prevent sports injuries in horses. In addition, Vitamin C is and antioxidant and therefore neutralises free radicals that can cause oxidative stress resulting in tissue or muscle damage in the body. Research suggests that intensive horse activity increases the risk of oxidative stress in the body.


Synovium® Myobuilder

What kind of support does Synovium Myobuilder offer?
Synovium Myobuilder is a nutritional supplement that provides support to the athlete in the build-up phase. Myobuilder contains the body's own protein L-Carnitine and Gamma Oryzanol to support muscle building. Good muscle mass is essential to prevent injuries and promotes better performance.

Which amino acid in Synovium Myobuilder is also important for muscle building?
The amino acid Carnitine. Addition of L-Carnitine supports changes in muscle mass through training and therefore has a positive effect on the horse's athletic performance.

What does Gamma Oryzanol do?
It helps increase muscle mass and contributes to proper muscle development, thereby preventing muscle damage.

What effect does L-carnitine in Synovium Myobuilder have during endurance training?
L-carnitine is required for burning fat in the muscles and is therefore important during endurance training, when burning fat for energy supply plays a major role. 

Why should the horse be in training when giving Synovium Myobuilder?
The combination of the right nutrients and training supports muscle building. If the horse is not in training but receives the nutrients, it will not build muscle mass. 


Synovium® Myocare-E

What can Synovium Myocare-E be used for?
Synovium Myocare-E is a supplement that supports the horse's muscles during, among other things, training. It also increases the horse's sta
mina and reduces the risk of permanent muscle damage. Thanks to the combination of ingredients in Synovium Myocare-E, this product is suitable for any horse that requires muscle support. 
What does creatine do in the body?
Creatine supports muscle growth and is very suitable for horses requiring short-term, explosive power efforts.
Why should the horse be in training when giving Synovium Myocare-E?
The combination of the right nutrients and training supports muscle building. If the horse is not in training but receives the nutrients, the horse will not build muscle mass. 


Synovium® Lactanase paste / Lactaplus
Can Lactanese/Lactaplus be administered on the day of a competition?
One syringe of Synovium Lactanese/Lactaplus may be administered on the day of the competition and one syringe may be administered the day before the competition. 
What is the advantage of administering a supplement via a syringe?
The supplement is thus adm
inistered directly into the mouth and is therefore absorbed extra quickly. Cobalamin (B12) is thus already partly absorbed via the oral mucosa. 


Synovium® Sand-oil 369

Psyllium is a well-known remedy for preventing sand colic. What is the effect of Psyllium in combination with Omega Oils?
By combining Psyllium with Omega Oils, as much as 25% more sand is removed from the intestinal tract. 

How does Psyllium work?
Psyllium is a natural fibre that attracts moisture in the intestines and forms a jelly. The sand present is carried by the jelly and removed from the intestinal tract. 


Synovium® Prefit Horse

When can a vitamin and mineral supplement be used?
A vitamin and mineral supplement, such as Synovium Prefit, can be used to support a balanced ration. Vitamins and minerals have important functions in the body. As a result, it is important that the horse gets enough vitamins and minerals through its diet to meet its needs. If your horse's current ration does not contain enough vitamins and minerals, a supplement can be added. However, it is important that the horse's needs are not seriously exceeded. On the contrary, this can have an undesirable effect on the horse. 

What ingredients (groups) does Prefit contain?
Synovium Prefit contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements in a base of high-quality amino acids from Whey.

What is Whey?
Whey is a prote
in derived from dairy. It has very high bioavailability, so it is an ideal natural source of amino acids. 


Synovium® Immunomodulator

What is Brewer's yeast and what effect does it have on the horse?
Brewer's yeast is a probiotic yeast. This ingredient has an effect on the composition of micro-organisms in the intestinal flora. This composition is linked to the functioning of the immune system. Therefore, Synovium Immunomodulator provides support to the intestinal flora and the functioning of the immune system which is important for the defence against germs. 

How long should I feed Synovium Immunomodulator before I start to notice a difference?
It is recommended to feed the supplement for at least 3 weeks to notice a difference. Incidentally, this varies per horse; while one horse shows a difference very quickly, another may take longer. 

Synovium® Gastrosafe

What makes Synovium Gastrosafe so effective?
Synovium Gastrosafe is so effective because of the unique composition of prebiotics, antacids and the protection of the stomach lining that the supplement provides. 
What natural substances neutralise stomach acid?
The ingredients Magnesium hydroxide and Calcium carbonate. 

What is Glutamine and what effect does it have on the stomach?
Glutamine is an amino acid that helps protect the stomach lining. 

What is a Prebiotic?
Prebiotics are a natural dietary fibre that promotes the growth of good gut bacteria. These fibres support and balance the entire metabolism.

When do you feed Synovium Gastrosafe?
Synovium Gastrosafe is suitable for preventive use (e.g. during and after treatment with painkillers) as well as curative feeding. Through its action, the product offers support in case of discomfort originating from the digestive system.


Synovium® Hoof Health

How long does it take before a difference can be noticed from feeding the supplement?
Hoofs grow gradually and fairly slowly. Therefore, it is important to feed Synovium Hoof Health for at least 9 months to achieve optimal results.


Synovium® Mgnium

What is an advantage of Synovium Mgnium over other Magnesium preparations on the market?
Synovium Mgnium contains different forms of Magnesium for staggered absorption. Moreover, it also provides the B vitamins that are in increased demand during stress. 

What can cause a Magnesium deficiency?
Magnesium deficiency can be caused by excessive sweating.

What effect does Magnesium have on muscles?
Magnesium promotes muscle relaxation. In case of deficiency, muscle cramps can occur.

What effect does Magnesium have on the horse's behaviour?
Magnesium is a component that is important for the overflow of stimuli from the nerves. If there is a deficiency, this overflow may be impaired, causing muscles to cramp. This may make the horse appear more tense as the muscles relax less easily. Adding extra Magnesium can make the muscles relax again and the horse can cope better with stressful situations.  


Synovium® Electrolytes Q

What are Electrolytes?
Electrolytes are minerals (salts) dissolved in the blood. These minerals are mainly important for fluid balance in the body to prevent dehydration.

Why is just supplementing fluids after exercise/ sweating not enough?
When the horse sweats, the horse loses not only fluids but also electrolytes. A lack of electrolytes can lead to muscle cramping, dehydration and reduced performance. It is therefore important to supplement not only fluid but also electrolytes. 

What is an advantage of Synovium Electrolytes Q over other products?
Synovium Electrolytes Q works very quickly and it also contains antioxidants that promote recovery after work. 

Synovium® Calmingard

Does Synovium Calmingard test positive?
No, Synovium Calmingard does not test positive th
anks to its homeopathic dilution.

When is the best time to use Synovium Calmingard?
Synovium Calmingard can be administered to support the horse's state of mind during a stressful situation to improve concentration and reduce stress symptoms. Think of an exciting competition, trailer loading or for example a vet visit where it is desirable if the horse stays calm. 

How long in advance should I administer Synovium Calmingard?
It is best to administer the product two hours before a stressful situation for optimal effectiveness of the product.   


Synovium® Red & Gold

Why can't a horse perform optimally even with mild anaemia?
Red blood cells transport oxygen in the body. When there are too few red blood cells in the body, not enough oxygen can be transported to the muscles and other organs. 

Which mineral is important for red blood cells?
Iron is an important mineral for red blood cells. 


Synovium® Airplus Liquids

What are the main ingredients in Synovium Airplus?
The oils of Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

What is the effect of Synovium Airplus?
The oils of Synovium Airplus open up the trachea with all its ramifications, thus increasing air intake, both during competition or when the horse suffers from a persistent cough.

When is it best to use Synovium Airplus?
Synovium Airplus is formulated to support the airways and help the horse breathe more freely. It is therefore suitable for horses that regularly cough due to allergies or a dusty environment, for example. 

Synovium® Megabol

What can Synovium Megabol be used for?
Synovium Megabol can be used to build and strengthen muscles.

Where is Gamma Oryzanol extracted from?
Gamma Oryzanol is extracted from rice bran (oil)

What is the effect of Gamma Oryzanol?
Gamma Oryzanol increases muscle mass and contributes to proper muscle development.

How does Gamma Oryzanol work?
The Oryzanol molecule shows similarities with body's own steroids, it is a so-called 'phystosterol' (plant substance that mimics hormone-like actions). 

Synovium® Linseed oil

What important fatty acid is contained in Synovium Flaxseed Oil?
Synovium Flaxseed Oil contains Alfalinolenic Acid (ALA), an essential Omega-3 Fatty Acid.

Are the fatty acids EPA and DHA from fish also considered essential fatty acids?
These fatty acids are not considered essential fatty acids. The body produces these fatty acids itself through ALA in the diet. 

For what application can you add Synovium Flaxseed Oil to the ration?
Synovium Linseed Oil can be used as an additional source of energy, to support the coat and skin, for digestion and for the overall health of the horse.

What is the advantage of cold pressing?
The oil is not heated, keeping the fatty acids in the product stable. Under high temperatures, the fatty acids oxidise.

Why are not all products containing linseed cold-pressed?
The yield with cold pressing of linseed is not high because only a certain pressure can be put on the linseed. 


Synovium® Hippochol

For which organ is this product used?
Synovium Hippochol can be used to support the liver.

How do I administer Synovium Hippochol to the diet?
Synovium Hippochol is a liquid supplement. Using the transparent cap, the liquid can be measured out and added to the diet.


Synovium® Arnica Hydrogel

Besides Arnica, what other active substances are contained in Synovium Arnica Hydrogel?
Synovium Arnica Hydrogel also contains Glucosamine, MSM and Green tea. 

How do you use Synovium Arnica Hydrogel?
Synovium Arnica Hydrogel is a gel that can be applied to the horse's skin to support the muscles and tendons. The gel can be applied to the skin 1 to 4 times a day.


Synovium® Clay & Cool

What is the effect of Synovium Clay&Cool?
Synovium Clay&Cool works quickly, effectively and efficiently against overfilling.

Does this product require a bandage?
This product does not require a bandage.

How do you use Synovium Clay&Cool?
Synovium Clay&Cool is applied and left on until the next day when it can be removed. 


Synovium® Mudcare

How do you use Synovium Mudcare and what is it for?
Synovium Mudcare can be used to care for the skin and can provide support in cases such as mug. The product is intended for external use and can be applied to the skin. 

What is an important ingredient in Synovium Mudcare?
Sulphur is a key ingredient in Synovium Mudcare. It stimulates skin tissue repair in mug and injuries. 

Why is Sulphur so effective for external applications?
Sulphur has a low molecular weight and is therefore very easily absorbed through the skin.

What is the function of Honey Extract in Synovium Mudcare?
Honey is rich in natural enzymes. Honey creates a moist antibacterial wound environment, acts as an anti-inflammatory and accelerates healing by stimulating tissue generation.


Synovium®-ginger MSM liniment

What can Synovium Ginger MSM liniment be used for?
Synovium Ginger MSM Linement can be used to care for tired and stiff muscles, joints and tendons after training/sport. This product supports the recovery of (sports) injuries. 

What ensures the cooling effect of this product?
The addition of Menthol in Synovium Ginger MSM liniment provides the cooling effect.

Why is Sulphur so effective for external applications?
Sulphur has a low molecular weight and is therefore very easily absorbed through the skin.


Synovium® Agility Dog

Can Synovium Agility Dog also be given to puppies?
This product may also be given to puppies.

Why does Synovium Agility Dog not contain minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium?
It is usually not necessary or desirable to give these minerals in addition as they are already sufficiently contained in the food. In growing young dogs, extra calcium is actually detrimental to skeletal development. In addition, many dogs' intestines are sensitive to (an excess of) magnesium, which can lead to thin stools or diarrhoea.

What are Bioactive Collagen Peptides also called?
Collagen Hydrolysate/Gelatinate.

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